Think and Grow Rich Study Changed My Life

“Persistence is to man as carbon is to steel.”

Over the last year, so many people had asked me “What are you Doing? You look so happy, truly joyful. And they were right, I was going through a spiritual awakening. I hope that isn’t sounding like I am so New Age that I am unrealistic. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I got extremely close to God the Father. I started to become aware of His presence leading my every step. It started last June and I have never been happier. My life is not perfect. You will always have adversity and adversaries. That is just life.

Through my journey, he brought me to the Think and Grow Rich Study with my life and business coach Paul Martinelli. He Reintroduced me to this book. Oh, I had read it in probably 20 times in the last 25 years and became a very successful financial adviser, leadership developer and business succession planner.  But I wish I had lived the book more. I wish I had followed its steps and understood its secrets and wisdom earlier in life! I could have saved myself a whole heck of a lot of pain.

You see I don’t think it is so much about reading the book as it is about being taught the book. These are 2 totally separate things. Paul Licensed me to teach this now and I want to share it with everyone as much as I share the Word. You see the book is based on the Laws of Creation which I never understood until taught. Napolean Hill discusses your departure points and arrival points.

Wow was that a revelation! I knew my own law which is absolutely true and that is “the only Constant in Life is Change.” Now I understand this on a whole new level and with a deeper and higher awareness. My intentional living has changed me, molded me, helped me find my true purpose. See at 52, I couldn’t believe God was preparing me my whole life for this moment but in fact, he was.

You see when I danced on the Academy of Music Stage in Philadelphia 45 years ago, I could never have imagined that that was preparation for me to be the speaker I am today. At 17, my prima ballerina status was ended in a flash I a head-on collision in the rain. I mean I was supposed to do that forever. I was accepted into the NYC school of ballet. There was not supposed to be a college for me only dance and music. But see God had a different idea that night. I was at one of my first major departure points in my life. See every time you leave a departure point, you feel a sense of loss but that is how you know you are growing.

This may be an extreme example, but it was meant to be. You see we have departure points all along our journey of life. When you truly understand from a higher knowledge, you will speed up your way to your next arrival point. You still pray and ask for God’s guidance but you get it more. You see His plan more and you are going through the steps for the next chapter of your book quicker.

You know I have my new book finally in shipping and arriving any day TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: 5 Ways to Master Your Mindset and Achieve Your Life Goals. What I didn’t know when I wrote the book was that I was writing some of Napolean Hills principals in my own words. I always  say now “the Spirit moves to me and through me.” I can feel it because I have allowed vulnerability to let go of trying to control everything in my life.

All you need to do is take the next step. Many have said to me during coach sessions.” I’m stuck “or “I never” or ” I always.” Let me help a little. You are not stuck. Period. Exclamation Point! You just need someone ( yourself) to take action. Any action towards what you wished you had or could be etc… One step. And because you acted, God will help you to see the next step. When we take a step and it doesn’t work out, most of us will consider that failure. It is not! It was a step that you needed to eliminate. See we aren’t always going to see the next step. Sometimes we will. But when you face in the direction of faith and do not QUIT. That step wasn’t a failure. It was just a tempory setback. Don’t let that little voice win.You know the one I speak of – “Why were you thinking you could do that? You could never _______ fill in the blank! And here’s a secret – IT NEVER WILL GO AWAY. Your whole life depends on how you answer that voice. Answer it and tell it out loud ( and I mean this) Yes I can because I have the evidence of ________and that worked before. I BELIEVE IN ME!


THIS MY FRIEND IS THE KEY TO ALL  IN LIFE! Keep your dream and keep MOVING in the direction of your FAITH. You are closer than you think or can even imagine.


“It takes strength to forgive and forgiveness becomes your strength.” – Stacey Odgers