Forgiveness Wins Every Time

It takes strength to forgive and forgiveness becomes strength “ – Stacey Odgers


We are all beautiful roses (or pick your favorite flower). I prefer red roses. But weeds have strangled and stunted the growth of our lovely garden. These weeds have negatively impacted us in all areas of our life. And maybe there are a few roots that are growing thistle in your garden among the flowers budded there, and the thistle of anger or hatred strangles the buds and they never survive.

Please take a moment to visualize yourself as a budding flower and those ugly thistle leaves strangling you. The thistle is rooted so deep that this evil seems to have the power to kill the flower. But that evil can only choke that flower’s growth if it is not uprooted as soon as it rears its ugly head. If that first thistle leaf is halted and weeded out, the rose can then blossom into a magnificent wonder.

Picture yourself as the rose. When you see that evil weed has touched you in the forms of betrayal, pain, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, or with any horrible hurt that touches us in life, attack those weeds. If we do not, then good will not prevail and ugliness will win. So as you live as a rose in your garden bed, be vigilant for the first sign of thistle and root it out. Do not let this foe overcome your unique beauty. The world needs your fragrance

Author: staceyodgers

After 30 years in the financial advisory and wealth management industry, I realized family business leadership, executive development leadership and personal development was something desperately lacking in society. In a company, 'How deep is your bench?" Personally how fulfilled do you feel when you wake up each day? Yes, I can do your investment and business succession planning. Yes, I can address executive and employee benefits and do estate planning, and provide almost any financial product that exists, but I needed to learn to coach those seeking to improve their lives and careers and serve them for their overall planning to be completely well-rounded. It was time to give back all the knowledge I had acquired working closely with business owners and their families and sharing how to develop leaders. You are not necessarily born a leader. Followers can become leaders too. It's a shift in your paradigm. It may be many shifts in your mindset. It is becoming "Your Exceptional Self" ( Y.E.S.! ) In this fast-paced world, it is learning to stand out and be on the top of the heap. No matter whether you are a Baby Boomer, GenX or Millenials, through coaching you too can become an effective leader. We all need to find balance as well. I have learned through several near-death experiences and my many comebacks when we chose to learn, we grow. If you want to be treated fairly and acquire financial independence and a comfortable lifestyle and then retirement, you must acquire leadership skills. Leadership is Influence. Notice the Millenials ( Gen Y) and Gen Z strive for the title "Influencer" today. It is synonymous with 'Leader" of Gen X and Baby Boomers. The question I always ask now is " How can I serve you? " " How can I assist you so you can get problems off your plate and get a peaceful night sleep? When I accomplish that task, there is no limit on one's shift in success for themselves, individually, their family and/or their companies. There is always a solution to any internal struggle, you need to value yourself enough to find the time to relax and let me help you find it. Peer and Intergenerational Communication is the most effective tool we must acquire to meet our personal and financial needs.

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