Painting the Life of Your Dreams

The only person you are destined become is the person you decide to be.
–  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I sit on my porch at my beach house and absorb all the glory of God around me. Setting time aside for me to pray, think, and focus on what you want is a daily ritual for me. I try not to miss a day of improving myself so that I can add value to others.

The first thing one really needs to realize is life isn’t fair. However, if everything was fair or equal, life would also not have any enjoyment. It would be a sea of gray. Everybody the same, producing the same actions, and getting the same results.

When we face challenges or disappointments we can grow and discover our strengths and our weaknesses. During times of adversity, our weakness becoming glaring and we discover ways to cope. I suggest that coping is the strength on your journey toward solving the problem at hand and moves you one step closer to your dreams.  It keeps you in the game. When we cope, we are really saying “I CAN DEAL WITH THIS” or “I CAN HANG IN HERE.” Coping forces us to find solutions to what’s really happening in our lives. The problem with coping is two-fold 1) our coping skills may be faulty 2) coping keeps us in the game until we are able to turn our stagnant movement into focused action. But that is where most of us fall short. Coping without action will never move us to our desired destiny.

Through coaching, I have been astonished by just how many people are stuck in the coping mechanism of existing to get by and through another day in a career they don’t like and feel they don’t even know themselves. They do reckless things that reverse their direction away, instead of toward their dreams. I must say, been there done that until I really had an awakening of who I truly was. Don’t let other’s paint the picture of your life to you. Grab the paintbrush and create!

We cope until we truly get to know our innermost self. Noone will have it all figured out. I don’t have it all figured out but through constant prayer and working on me and my personal self-development, I have gotten much closer. Life coaches, psychologists, and others all speak of triggers. Ninety-eight percent of us won’t spend the time or money on ourselves to begin healing the triggers. We just flat out won’t. We will give every excuse in the book, as to why we don’t have either. I’m going to call you out because I had to call myself out. Live and learn.

I called myself out 25 years ago and said I don’t care how much time I have to devote and I will find the money somehow to figure out what triggers or hang-ups are holding me back. It will always be a work in progress but my mentors have told me you are part of the 1%. In truth, I have been bettering myself for 25 years. I am a lifelong learner and a discoverer. True happiness and peace comes when you develop strength and stop coping and start doing. You see I spent tens of thousands dollars on personal development but I jumped around from guru to guru. I’d get motivated or learn a technique. It was helpful but until I grabbed hold of the solutions presented and took action, I was throwing money out the window. I would get motivated for a few months and then bam back to same old; same old. Been there? I will suggest to you stop wasting your time and energy and money until you make a commitment to enlighten yourself, illuminate your weaknesses and strengths and are ready to make a daily commitment to your and a process that works that keeps you moving forward toward your dream life.

This my friends is TRANSFORMATION and is quite different from motivation. Transformation is a continual movement to make things happen in your life. I have learned at age 52. It’s great to see a motivational speaker. They inspire you and make you feel good for a while. It’s great to be part of the fanfare and excitement of seeing them live and in person. Just make sure everytime you are about to go see the next person or the same person again that you had an amazing take away that you implemented. If you didn’t and it was just for the experience of going, did you really get value from the seminar or was it just a fun time?

If you are looking for entertainment or an experience, that’s terrific. For example, I did Anthony Robbins firewalk and wow was that amazing. I’ll remember it for life. Thank you, Tony. His program was terrific and exciting! My problem was when I got home and let life take over. It was as if I forgot most of what he said. Oh, it’s written in a copybook somewhere and that copybook is on a shelf somewhere.  And it wasn’t just Tony Robbins, it was Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy,  Wayne Dyer, John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Jim Rohn and the list goes on.  IT WAS ME! They are all terrific. But they have worked on and studied and developed themselves. Oh, I still love going to seminars. Some are really wonderful and they are a great starting point. I love teaching at mine from my first book  ( and yes I say first because it won’t be my last, Train Your Brain: 5 Ways to Master Your Mindset and Achieve Your Life Gaols.

When I realized that what wasn’t working was I was spending all this money to go listen to people but had to no accountability to myself or anyone else. That is when I thought “Follow One Voice” and get a personal coach for a year and see what happens. Well, I did that 7 years ago and that is what changed my life. I still have a coach myself for my life and business plan and my growth initiative. It would be hypocritical to profess about finding your perfect match in a coach and committing to the process if I didn’t do it myself. Continual education in the field and following advice will lead you to your dream life much soon. I was surprised how I skirted other obstacles and move forward, faster.

One on one coaching led me to the privilege of coaching others to stop coping and start acting. Most people’s faith in themselves to commit is what prevents them from moving from coping and existing into action and living.

Your life will never be the same the day you step out and say enough. I’m going to find someone to work with, so I am more accountable. See I can’t get off track if I have to speak with my coach. There are only so many times he/she will hear I didn’t do what we discussed because…..

When you are truly ready to create Yor Exceptional Self and commit to a process, that is when your goals start to become reality. The dream is gone because you are truly living in it.

Go out there and make a mess with your paintbrush. It will turn into your masterpiece called YOUR LIFE by (NAME).


Think and Grow Rich Study Changed My Life

“Persistence is to man as carbon is to steel.”

Over the last year, so many people had asked me “What are you Doing? You look so happy, truly joyful. And they were right, I was going through a spiritual awakening. I hope that isn’t sounding like I am so New Age that I am unrealistic. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I got extremely close to God the Father. I started to become aware of His presence leading my every step. It started last June and I have never been happier. My life is not perfect. You will always have adversity and adversaries. That is just life.

Through my journey, he brought me to the Think and Grow Rich Study with my life and business coach Paul Martinelli. He Reintroduced me to this book. Oh, I had read it in probably 20 times in the last 25 years and became a very successful financial adviser, leadership developer and business succession planner.  But I wish I had lived the book more. I wish I had followed its steps and understood its secrets and wisdom earlier in life! I could have saved myself a whole heck of a lot of pain.

You see I don’t think it is so much about reading the book as it is about being taught the book. These are 2 totally separate things. Paul Licensed me to teach this now and I want to share it with everyone as much as I share the Word. You see the book is based on the Laws of Creation which I never understood until taught. Napolean Hill discusses your departure points and arrival points.

Wow was that a revelation! I knew my own law which is absolutely true and that is “the only Constant in Life is Change.” Now I understand this on a whole new level and with a deeper and higher awareness. My intentional living has changed me, molded me, helped me find my true purpose. See at 52, I couldn’t believe God was preparing me my whole life for this moment but in fact, he was.

You see when I danced on the Academy of Music Stage in Philadelphia 45 years ago, I could never have imagined that that was preparation for me to be the speaker I am today. At 17, my prima ballerina status was ended in a flash I a head-on collision in the rain. I mean I was supposed to do that forever. I was accepted into the NYC school of ballet. There was not supposed to be a college for me only dance and music. But see God had a different idea that night. I was at one of my first major departure points in my life. See every time you leave a departure point, you feel a sense of loss but that is how you know you are growing.

This may be an extreme example, but it was meant to be. You see we have departure points all along our journey of life. When you truly understand from a higher knowledge, you will speed up your way to your next arrival point. You still pray and ask for God’s guidance but you get it more. You see His plan more and you are going through the steps for the next chapter of your book quicker.

You know I have my new book finally in shipping and arriving any day TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: 5 Ways to Master Your Mindset and Achieve Your Life Goals. What I didn’t know when I wrote the book was that I was writing some of Napolean Hills principals in my own words. I always  say now “the Spirit moves to me and through me.” I can feel it because I have allowed vulnerability to let go of trying to control everything in my life.

All you need to do is take the next step. Many have said to me during coach sessions.” I’m stuck “or “I never” or ” I always.” Let me help a little. You are not stuck. Period. Exclamation Point! You just need someone ( yourself) to take action. Any action towards what you wished you had or could be etc… One step. And because you acted, God will help you to see the next step. When we take a step and it doesn’t work out, most of us will consider that failure. It is not! It was a step that you needed to eliminate. See we aren’t always going to see the next step. Sometimes we will. But when you face in the direction of faith and do not QUIT. That step wasn’t a failure. It was just a tempory setback. Don’t let that little voice win.You know the one I speak of – “Why were you thinking you could do that? You could never _______ fill in the blank! And here’s a secret – IT NEVER WILL GO AWAY. Your whole life depends on how you answer that voice. Answer it and tell it out loud ( and I mean this) Yes I can because I have the evidence of ________and that worked before. I BELIEVE IN ME!


THIS MY FRIEND IS THE KEY TO ALL  IN LIFE! Keep your dream and keep MOVING in the direction of your FAITH. You are closer than you think or can even imagine.

Keep Millenials Engaged at Work

I hear a lot of speculation, and even criticism of Millennials about what they want in life, but what do they really want in a job? Intelligence Group studies of Millennials found that: • 64% of them say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place. • 72% would like to be their own boss. But if they did work for a boss, 79% of them would want that boss to serve more as a coach or mentor.

• 88% prefer a collaborative work-culture rather than a competitive one. • 74% want flexible work schedules. • 88% want “work-life integration,” because work and life now blend together inextricably.

Here are some key attributes leaders in the company should model in order to help people develop—and they are especially true for Millennials who are looking for genuineness: Authenticity—This is the foundation for developing people. Servanthood—This is the soul for developing people.  Growth—This is the measurement for developing people. Excellence—This is the standard for developing people. u Passion—This is the fuel for developing people. Success—This is the purpose of developing people.

Remember Chemistry — Character — Capacity — Contribution. This is truly what our young people are all about.

Thanks to John Maxwell and his teachings to keep us all connecting intergenerationally connecting. I am blessed to have him as my mentor.achievement-agreement-arms-1068523


The “Now” Thought Leader

When you are not with God, your creative enegy stops flowing and you feel it.

Leadership principals never change. The way they are used in your daily life and at the workplace has. The reason, well there are a few. With the pressures of coming out of the Great Recession, most people are just back financially but not all are tuned into the world the same. Technology has been a disrupted force in many people’s lifelong careers and there are needing to adapt to it and their ever-looming fear that it could take their place. Many Gen X think this way, That this disruptive technology could cost me my job. While that could be true it hasn’t yet so why would you not start growing and learning more and always have a plan B. I have news though. Guess what everyone talks about the millennials when in fact they forgot the GenXers that are now coming into their time in a big way. Young GenXers could be in the workforce for another 30 years or more. According to

When you use leadership values to stand out in the crowd, on top of the heap, no matter who you are or what your position, you will always have a career and land on your feet. It is true! The only thing stopping you is the f___ word “FEAR”. I am not going to go into all the ways fear reaks havoc in our lives today. I am going to suggest that you do not live in awareness.

For example, at 5:44, this morning I had my energy flowing which had been blocked by God. Energy always exists. It just changes forms and therefore can change your mind back to that negative voice inside ” You can’t do that “or “Who do you think you are”, of course, you will lose your job”. Do you really believe any of this> On the surface the answer is probably a resounding “YES”? The true answer is you can create you when you dive into a deeper mindset because what comes along with that is a “higher awareness.” I was just like you 2 years ago. I will tell you about that another time and how I solved my telling the voice inside how to go away once and for all. When you find out the tools and the secret, no one can stop you in anything you do but YOU. It is as true today as it was back in the days when Napolean Hill, wrote his book written in 1937, Think and Grow Rich or James Allen’s, As a Man Thinketh,

For years people truly stopped using the leadership principles that originally got you your first job. You must have had something that the person who hired you saw, what was it? Stay deeply in that question. You’ll begin to touch base with true awareness. And when you do, your life will never be the same. I promise you that!


The # MeNow Movement Founder

Forgiveness Wins Every Time

It takes strength to forgive and forgiveness becomes strength “ – Stacey Odgers


We are all beautiful roses (or pick your favorite flower). I prefer red roses. But weeds have strangled and stunted the growth of our lovely garden. These weeds have negatively impacted us in all areas of our life. And maybe there are a few roots that are growing thistle in your garden among the flowers budded there, and the thistle of anger or hatred strangles the buds and they never survive.

Please take a moment to visualize yourself as a budding flower and those ugly thistle leaves strangling you. The thistle is rooted so deep that this evil seems to have the power to kill the flower. But that evil can only choke that flower’s growth if it is not uprooted as soon as it rears its ugly head. If that first thistle leaf is halted and weeded out, the rose can then blossom into a magnificent wonder.

Picture yourself as the rose. When you see that evil weed has touched you in the forms of betrayal, pain, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, or with any horrible hurt that touches us in life, attack those weeds. If we do not, then good will not prevail and ugliness will win. So as you live as a rose in your garden bed, be vigilant for the first sign of thistle and root it out. Do not let this foe overcome your unique beauty. The world needs your fragrance


“It takes strength to forgive and forgiveness becomes your strength.” – Stacey Odgers